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Alicia Dearn is running for VP of the Libertarian party. Find her: @aliciadearn | | facebook/alicia-dearn-for-vice-president Hear her interview with Jamie below:
Attorney General Loretta Lynch vows to protect the rights of LGBT Americans: Judge Napolitano explains her logic of constitutionality. "She's argued the language of the '64 act... which prohibits discrimination based on 'sex'... that that language can be used today in the modern...
A St. Louis publishing company is under fire for their Donald Trump coloring book. The Allman Report spoke with publisher Wayne Bell about the controversy.
Photo VIA Breitbart News West Point is currently "investigating" the above picture of black female cadets who chose a powerful pose for the traditional pre-graduation photo. Full story, HERE .
Hillary wants yet another government official? No way. Hillary calls for a "trade prosecutor" to monitor trade deals and report directly to the POTUS.
The Grey Falcon chimes in on what appears to be an inevitable Trump GOP nomination. "He's gonna have to have them [conservatives] to have a shot at winning, he can't just win on people who are frustrated with Washington," says Jay.
It's the last week of Missouri's legislative session. What should we expect? Rodney Boyd with details: