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Credit: Getty Images Peter Vaccaro joins the show to discuss this year's St. Nicholas Greek Festival ! Hear interview below: Video of RE-CBRaDbLY
You can't make this stuff up. Mizzou head coach Barry Odom says his players cannot own handguns while part of the team. Is that even legal? READ STORY HERE
Good for Chris Cuomo not letting this go. Phantom, eh? Turns out he's a liar too. Big suprise. Video of C8z7owN_jYw This Eric Reid fellow should be roundly mocked and booed as well.
Fox News Sunday 's Chris Wallace reacts to Donald Trump's visit with the president of Mexico (no Vincente Fox) and his immigration speech that followed. Video of VYkHgCE7NpQ
Video of f6-nsR5uTys Trump Announces New Special Deportation Task Force — May Even Deport Hillary Clinton! (VIDEO) Tom Tancredo to #NeverTrumpers: If You Do Not Support Trump You Are Not a Patriot!… America is at Stake! (VIDEO) LIKE A BOSS=> Trump Tells Mexican Audience ‘We... Sen. Jim Talent shares his thoughts on Trump's meeting with the president of Mexico and his immigration speech that followed. "If you could just read this speech and suspend your mind from everything you've heard about immigration in the last five years, it's just...
Unreal. HLN blurs out Trump on the shirt of a man who saved a baby from a hot car. Wonder if they would have blurred it out if this guy was a criminal?