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How close is too close? Are people getting closer to tornadoes than ever before? Great for pictures and video? This high school couple was photo-bombed by this tornado... Full story, HERE .
Her name is Snow. She's a chicken. A clever caller pointed out this woman is likely pro-choice.
You didn't build that! Actually, this time he told a group of Howard University graduates they aren't special. Also, what in the world is with his accent ?
In this effective new campaign ad, the Trump camp points out the flat-out-lie Hillary told about the attacks in Benghazi. She maintains time and time again the attacks were caused by a video and well...
See how the numbers break down in this rolling poll from Reuters. View updated poll, HERE .
Doug Giles is back with another helping of edgy commentary. This week he and Jamie discuss his column, "Dear #NeverTrumpers: This Column MIGHT Convert You (Proceed with CAUTION)."
National Anthem - US Airforce Band 535 Hey Ya! - OutKast 548 Big Gun - AC/DC Description: Music video by AC/DC performing Big Gun. (C) 1993 Sony Music Entertainment 610 Secret Crowds - Angels and Airwaves Description: Music video by Angels and Airwaves performing Secret Crowds...
We were honored to speak with Clint Hill. Hill is the former Secret Service agent who famously took action moments after the first shot rang out, November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Hill was in the presidential motorcade headed for a luncheon at the Dallas Trade Mart. Upon the first...
Alicia Dearn is running for VP of the Libertarian party. Find her: @aliciadearn | | facebook/alicia-dearn-for-vice-president Hear her interview with Jamie below: