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Watch the latest video at If you plan on having a Christmas party at the University of Tennessee be sure to leave the Baby Jesus and Santa Claus at home. The taxpayer-funded university’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion recently released an “unofficial” edict...
National Anthem - US Navy Band 535 Such Great Heights - The Postal Service 548 High - Young Rising Sons 635 Woman, Woman - AWOLNATION 648 Dancing On Glass - St. Lucia 735 Top - Hoonch 748 Wish You Were Here - Incubus
Today at 11:55am, Pearl Harbor Survivors Elmer Luckett and Walter Schoenke will be Honorary Commanding Officer and Executive Officer for such services. A three shot volley from three M-1 Garands used in WWII followed by Taps to honor the 2403 lost that day. Then inside a Missing...
Rodney Boyd says watch out for medical marijuana because it's going to be a hot button issue in the Missouri legislature this year.
Caller Chuck can't figure out why Jamie would oppose the no-fly/no-gun suggestion made by President Obama in his speech on terror. This call goes from different POV's to sheer lunacy. Jamie on how to handle a liberal-loony:
CNN reliable sources chump Brian Stetler gets served lunch made out of his own a** and delivered by Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson.... RELEVANT TIME CUES: Stetler can’t understand how media can be wrong about Trump. (:55 what is it the media doesn’t get?) Stetler when faced...
Trump: media glamorizes terrorists: Trump: ISIS Is Brainwashing Young, Impressionable People’: Trump: ‘Paris Is One of the Toughest Cities in the World for Guns’ and ‘You Had Carnage’:
Once again Lester Holt on NBC firmly up the Obama ass... Novemeber 2015 Holt to Obama on Criminal Justice Reform: