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The glass shatters and Hillary appears. Then she stands there staring like a robot for a full :50 seconds before addressing the sheeple.
Even Axelrod thinks the lack of police family presence was a mistake:
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The Mothers of Movement spoke last night at the DNC. Trayvon Martin's mother spoke about Hillary being the candidate that will fight for gun control. Watch video below: Mother of Movements starts at 2:10 Video of 7H7G5mUuWoQ
Doug Giles speaks with Jamie about the DNC and what Hillary's next move will be. "You and I both know this is all about power, it's all about Hillary, it's nasty and man.. I'm lovin this," Giles said. Hear the interview below: Video of FLfljXivM10
Dr. Randy Tobler speaks with Jamie about the corrupt media feeding the American people their liberal views. There are no American flags shown at the DNC and yet we say they have the "optimistic" party. Hear the interview below: Video of jBaJu2NHPvk
Even the networks are doing everything in their power to take away from unrest at the DNC:
Todd Starnes talks with Jamie about the insane protesters at the DNC. We still can't figure out how the DNC is claiming they are the optimistic party! "It's a freak show down there, they're down there protesting everything," Starnes said. Video of XBv686kbDY0 More articles from...
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