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Friend and regular contributor, Genevieve Wood, interviewed Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton regarding the President's GITMO strategy. Cotton says, 'The President is wrong.' READ GENEVIEVE'S PIECE HERE Jamie and Genevieve discuss in the below interview:
We had the privilege of interviewing Gov. Kasich earlier this week. It's interesting how well rounded this particular presidential candidate seems when asked intelligent questions and given time to thoroughly respond. Seriously, you're going to want to hear this:
In need of some Christmas cheer? Why not grab Midnight Clear ! Midnight Clear is the latest Christmas album by local greats Scott Kennebeck (tenor) and John Powel Walsh (organist). Hear their interview with Jamie below: for more information!
"What Trump has proposed A) could only be done by the Congress B) would be invalidated by the courts because it’s based on religion – if based on place of origin, Congress could do it and the courts probably wouldn’t care," Judge Nap . Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Stacey Dash and Ralph Peters have each been temporarily suspended from Fox News. We think they were just speaking their mind as contributors and should not be repremanded. What do you think? FNC Commentator Stacey Dash: Obama’s Speech Was ‘an Epic Fail;’ ‘I Felt Like He Could...
Watch the latest video at A federal judge has banished the Baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men from an Indiana high school’s Christmas musical. U.S. District Court Judge Jon DeGuilio, appointed to the bench by President Obama, issued an injunction against Concord...