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Political stunt? Speaker Ryan thinks so: Read more, HERE .
Britian votes to leave the EU. David Cameron resigns. Trump heads to Scotland. FULL speech:
Installment ONE of what we assume will be a series of short videos focused on Hillary's lies. If they're thorough (and you know they will be) it could be a long series.
The decision has been made: Britain exits the EU with a 51.9% vote to leave. British politician, Daniel Hannan, was a supporter of the split. Hannan wrote a great article, "The six best reasons to vote to Leave." See below: "Part of a Spectator Brexit debate between Matthew...
515 National Anthem - Martina Mcbride 510 Dont Fence Me In - David Byrne Description: 520 Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band 537 Mirror - Justin Timberlake 550 Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay 610 Dont Fence Me In - David...
Filling in for Jamie Allman, former MO Speaker Tim Jones talks to FoxBusiness' Kennedy on the Brexit and feeding her pets.
More than 40 Democrats are currently staging a “sit-in” in the House chamber. “Staging” is the appropriate term, because this is not political “action”; it’s political theater. Read more at: photo...
Filling in for Jamie Allman, former MO Speaker Tim Jones talks to @gatewaypundit about Hillary reading aloud the teleprompter the stage direction, "SIGH." D'oh!
Filling in for Jamie Allman, former MO House Speaker Tim Jones talks to Kevin Jackson while he is in DC hanging out with His Honor Clarence Thomas and later a bartender (who happens to be an illegal).