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Jim and Jamie talk about how Trump was only given 20 tickets for his supporters at Saturday's debate... even though he's leading in the polls!
Chris Christie called Marco Rubio out at Saturday night's debate... telling him that his memorized "memorized 25 second speech" about how great America is and attacking Obama aren't helping anything. He also SLAMS Rubio's experience, telling him he doesn't have the experience...
CLICK HERE for the video Gloria Steinham thinks the only reason young women would support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton is because of BOYS... she also thinks women get more bitter as they get older. Maybe that's just you, Gloria. And then there's Madeline Albright... who...
Hillary Clinton’s Awful Explanation for Why She Took Goldman Sachs’ Money Sanders: Trump Thinks Global Warming Is a Hoax Caused by the Chinese
This may be the first time EVER that a presidental candidate uses the "S" word... we dig it: