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Todd Starnes joins the show this morning to lay out predictions and opinions as Americans continue to distribute delegates. He also reminds St. Louisan's to keep their interns close as Bill Clinton is slated to be in town this afternoon .
Jamie and Judge discuss the Trump phenomenon and the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary's e-mail server. "Oh no, I think charges are going to come very soon. I think she is going to confront a horrific choice in which the FBI will say to her lawyers, 'here's all of the...
Jamie discovered this little gem from Ted Cruz circa 2013. As J has noted many times, go ahead and change your mind if you're coming to our side... HOWEVER hypocracy isn't becoming: Video of l6bBi2Het6k
Anthem – The Band Perry 535 Dream in Blue – Los Lobos Description: The first track off of their album Kiko. 550 Oh Atlanta – Little Feat 607 Kids – MGMT 635 Lucky – Robert Palmer Description: Lyrics: Some guys have all the luck Some guys have all the fun Some guys have all the...
So this is the clip that made Glenn Beck compare Trump to Hitler... for jokingly asking people to solemnly vow to vote for him. This from the same group of people who made Trump pledge to support the GOP nominee... CLICK HERE for the video Photo courtesy
Check this out... Romney talked to Chuck Todd and said he wouldn't turn down the nomination if it was offered to him! Photo courtesy
Rodney and Jamie discuss the unique ways presidential candidates are connecting in Missouri.
Jamie and Jim discuss Romney's recent speech and appearance with Chuck Todd... plus, the fact that even if the convention is brokered... the CURRENT rules say a candidate still needs to win at least 8 states to win.