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This beast of a woman is caught on camera in an extended release of the original video mocking the reporter for pointing out that Mizzou is public property. Glad our tax dollars are keeping food on this woman's table, ugh:
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Who's outraged by the Starbucks "holiday" cups? Spoiler... no one. That hasn't stopped the MSM from smearing Christians as a bunch of crazies. Oh and no worries, Todd has a thing or two to say about the hooligans running amuck at Mizzou: Don't forget to check out Todd Starnes'...
The following video is titled #ConcernedStudents1950 vs the media. Notice the harpy Melissa Click encouraging students to shut down reporters and stifle the 1st Amendment. This woman happens to be a journalism professor. Entitled youth and liberal nut-case professors unite:
Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is stepping up and reminding the masses that the mob mentality taking place at Mizzou right now is not an acceptable form of governance. Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Jamie has a few choice words for the ungrateful brats protesting at Mizzou. #AITM presents the first ever installment of Common Sense w/ a Megaphone:
Rodney Boyd joins the show this morning to discuss the unrest on Mizzou's campus. Who is supporting the resignation of Mizzoui President Tim Wolfe? Hear Rodney's interview with Jamie below: