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Rob Rains speaks with Jamie about the Rio 2016 Olympics and Cardinals Baseball. Hear the interview below: Video of B3Xy86U3dA4
Trump hilariously explains "babygate" - highlighting media malpractice and his sense of humor: Video: Trump, in Iowa, is re-litigating the crying baby moment at FL rally: “this baby could have been Pavarotti!” — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) August 5, 2016
Bush speaks about uniting behind GOP nominee Donald Trump. Watch video below:
Jay Stewart speaks with Jamie about Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States Gary Johnson. Hear the interview below: Video of r7f99OiET0U
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about Eric Greitens and if he can make it as the GOP Missouri Governor as an outsider. Hear the interview below: Video of FR6mbLdPkZ8
Jim Hoft speaks with Jamie on mother of crying baby backing Trump and another official who was helping the U.S. leaving because of careless Hillary. Hear the interview below: Video of 8zxVz1z-GcU For more from The Gateway Pundit: 1.) WILL MEDIA APOLOGIZE TO TRUMP?...
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