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Credit: Getty Images Yikes, It seems like Hillary has had a small melt down when she screams into the camera, "Why aren't I 50 points head of Trump?' Watch video below: Video of Wfvo1hv9dNQ
Credit: Getty Images HRC really isn't the best actress, so we're sure there were many takes to get the 'Between Two Ferns' interview to be funny. This must be her desperate ploy to reel in Millennial votes. Watch video below:
Good morning this morning! Don't miss anything Allman with our LIVE cameras runnin': Who's on the show today!? Sneak peak: 648 Adam White 722 Stacy Washington 837 Maria Bartiromo
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem 522 Move - Saint Motel Video of QOhTNUBQ7xQ 535 Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers Video of iLYB9pvww2M 610 Bad Decisions - Two Door Cinema Club Video of CJ8_alfIHYI 622 First Time - Vance Joy Video of irfkIP91thQ 635 Crazy Circles - Bad Company...
Credit: Getty Images On the heels of Monday's first presidential debate, many questions are swirling. Will Lester Holt stay neutral? Will Hillary be able to walk back her "deplorables" comment? Will Trump keep his cool? Jesse Watters' joins the show to discuss! Video of...
Credit: Getty Images Trump's poll numbers are increasing and the Gateway Pundit thinks they'll keep rising. Video of 6NIQfxUuZV0
Credit: Getty Images Jamie has some great advice for Donald Trump on the heels of Monday's first presidential debate. When asked to respond the Hillary's deplorable comment, he should refuse to adopt her derogatory language about his supporters in general then tell racist-bigots...
Credit: Getty Images The American Energy Alliance released the following video explaining how the Obama administration’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards will hurt economic growth . The result? The poor get pooer. Video of cbPvjAbej08
Credit: Getty Images Jim Talent takes a break from foreign policy to discuss the liberal leanings of educators in undergraduate programs across America. Hear the discussion below: Video of diB4mnHPmm8