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Kilmeade and Jamie discuss ISIS, Turkey, and Brian's new book, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History. Photo courtesy
Ouch... this religious liberties guy is sounding kind of crazy... around 1 minute in Paster Kevin Swanson decides to go after Harry Potter and says the books promote homosexuality! Photo courtesy
Ashley Bateman is a writer for The Federalist. She maintains that helicopter parenting is actually a symptom of underparenting. " Helicopter Parenting Is Really A Symptom Of Underparenting "
CLICK HERE for the article Emily Longworth, a student at Colorado State, isn't waiting for leadership to send a message to ISIL... she has some choice words from herself and the American people. Watch as she lays down the law and slams Obama.
Maria and Jamie talk about how the current strategy for ISIS isn't working. Photo courtesy
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Rubio's first TV ad warns, "what happened in Paris could happen here."