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"They'll be no barking here...." Trump responds to Hillary's bizarre barking. Also, check out this hilarious vine - who let the dogs out!? Vine Photo courtesy
Jamie and Kevin discuss the huge decision surrounding the new Supreme Court Justice... and how interesting it would be to see Ted Cruz nominated. Connect with Kevin Jackson at
Anthem - Brandi Carlyle 535 Take on Me – a-ha 550 Before I Knew – Basia Bulat 607 Dragula – Rob Zombie 620 High – Young Rising Sons 635 Human – The Killers 650 Laredo – Band of Horses 710 Class Historian Broncho 735 Kiss This – The Struts 750 Boogie On Reggae Woman – Stevie...
CLICK HERE for the video Jesse Hughes, the singer for Eagles of Death Metal, was present for the Paris attacks. Check out his emotional speech against gun control (warning: some inappropriate language). Photo courtesy
Genevieve and Jamie discuss the likelihood of a brokered convention. Plus, more Supreme Court Nominee information.
A Pennsylvania high school has launched an investigation after a photograph surfaced of a student desecrating an American flag inside a classroom at Richland High School. The repulsive photograph, reportedly posted online over the Valentine’s Day weekend, shows a young man...
Trump let two men who helped stop a rude protester onstage during his rally... and even gave them some time to talk! Photo courtesy
Upon the passing of Justice Scalia, the political sphere has been a buzz over a successor. We turn to our expert of all things legal, Judge Napolitano , to explain the process and who should legally be the nominat or . Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Todd Starnes joins the program to elaborate on the Trump phenomenon. "Donald Trump is the only person on stage that's actually talking about the economy and he's really doing so in a way that really impacts blue collar workers," says Starnes.