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Oh for heaven's sakes -- an "abiding hostitlity"? No, rather a prioritzing the immediate safety of our nation vs. a cyclical changing of our environment with no particular solution. W.H.: ‘We’re Well Aware There Is an Abiding Hostility’ in the GOP ‘to Facts, Science and Evidence’
A child's happiness is priceless... especially on their birthday:
National Anthem - USMC 522 Tomorrow - A Silent Film 535 Cry To Me - Solomon Burke 548 Rhinosaur - Soundgarden 635 Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers 648 Prey - The Neighbourhood 735 America's Sweetheart - Elle King 748 Grey Seal - Elton John 822 Everything To Everyone - Everclear 835...
Missouri lawmakers will hold a hearing today to discuss ways to curb the influx of Syrian refugees to Missouri. Rodney Boyd has the story: Joint Hearing House and Senate Appropriation Committee: Jefferson City, MO House Hearing Room 3 10amCST Refugee Assistance Program More info...
Kasich says there is no way Trump will be the GOP nominee. He then refuses to answer if he'd support Trump in the event his prediction is wrong. He also gives Raddatz the 'you people' snub on Trump coverage:
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