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Brian Kilmeade reflecting on Trump's foreign policy speech and more specifically his "exteme vetting" stance on immigration, "shows an evolving of a policy but the key does he believe it, does he understand it and is he willing to debate it?" Video of JpnxxwwICHk
Todd admits he doesn't have a degree in community organizing from Harvard but he is having trouble understanding how burning down one's neighborhood advances one's cause. Hear his interview with Jamie below: Video of IIfH6ZtiPvs
Cert smackin', Kent smokin' Uncle Joe hugs Hillary for a really long time: Video of LpB9NibJJkc
Anthem - US Navy Band Video of ty7OpbaNzjU 522 It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley Video of QkMVscR5YOo 535 America's Sweetheart - Elle King Video of RGXaLdVMwRU 548 Burning Love - Elvis Presley Video of DcJac6OykfM 610 Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley Video of RxOBOhRECoo 622...
And then there's this guy... Entitled and lacking complete and utter self awareness, this man interviewed in Milwaukee says rich people aren't giving black people enough money: Video of ibX5StYpM3k
I guess Jamie doesn't have the right temperament to become the next POTUS... This is what happens when you ask a host what their favorite part of their show was! Watch our Behind the Scenes below: Video of IKYxEwtMnWs
Jay Stewart asks the question, why are the political parties proclaiming the election is rigged? "Everybody thinks everything is rigged when it doesn't work out their way," Stewart said. Also, he speaks with Jamie about the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United...
Host of Insider Talk Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about our Missouri U.S. Senate race and the close polling numbers between Roy Blunt and Jason Kander. Will people pull away from Blunt because he doesn't support Trump? Hear the interview below: Video of k-Y7QKyTj8Y