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Remigio Pereira, member of a Canadian singing quartet, changed the lyrics in 'O Canada' while holding up a sign proclaiming "All Lives Matter" during pregame performance at the 87th All-Star Game on Tuesday. Watch video below:
Be careful what you wish for and always beware of labels and lists. Remember when the Tea Party was unfairly targeted and investigated? Read more about the petition, HERE .
Should #BlackLivesMatter be labeled a terrorist organization? Constitutional conservative, Judge Napolitano , says absolutely not, "This is free speech. If someone listens to your speech and engages in an act of violence, you are not liable for that. Unless you commanded the...
John Brunner joins Jamie in studio to discuss his Can't Be Bought Tour and the new polls that came out about the 2016 Missouri Governors Race. Hear the interview below: Check out John Brunner behind the scenes in studio with Jamie!
520 National Anthem - US Navy Description: The national anthem of the United States, as recorded by the United States Navy Band, and featuring photographs of America's Navy. DoD Instruction 1005.4 states that "The U.S. Navy arrangements of 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' and foreign...
Todd Starnes catches up with Jamie about the Dallas shootings and the courageous acts of officers throwing themselves infront of citizens to save their lives. Hear the interview below:
The media's having a field day with this one. Being lauded as "iconic," this image is a direct attempt to make the police seem unfair and intimidating. Let's remember this woman is being arrested for blocking a highway. That's still illegal, right? Police dressed in riot gear?...
Donald Trump acknowledges Dallas shootings during his speech on veterans issues in Virginia Beach, Virginia. "I am the law and order candidiate, " Trump said. To read full article, click here .
NFL Cleveland Brown running back Isaiah Crowell posted a disturbing image of a man in black slitting a police officer's throat. To read full article click here .