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Credit: Getty Images Is she dancing? Dance it out, Hillary #debatenight #debates — Mashable GIF (@mashablegif) September 27, 2016
Credit: Getty Images Interactive map: Poll shows Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump split battleground states via @upi — jamieallman (@jallman971) September 27, 2016
Credit: Getty Images Typically lacking in an formulation of grace, HRC sideways greets Trump and refuses any formal initial address. Classless frump. — jamieallman (@jallman971) September 27, 2016
Jamie is out of the gate, post-debate style, and you can watch it all LIVE right here! Here's a sneak peak at today's "show sheet": 5:22 – National Anthem 5:50 – Todd Starnes 6:50 – Peter Kinder 7:22 – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 8:10– Dr. Randy Tobler 8:37 – Doug Giles
Credit: Getty Images Jay Stewart and Jamie talk pre-debate and what we should expect during the first Trump vs. Clinton face off. Listen to interview below: Video of wRTJo33VcTw
Credit: Getty Images "Hopefully this Presidential debate allows us to look down the ticket and see its effect on the MO Gov. Race," Rodney Boyd weighs in on first presidential debate and if it will change the MO Governor's Race. Listen to interview below: Video of RBs9YrsKw4U
Credit: Getty Images Critics are calling for the removal of "Drive Direct" an exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum . Artist Kelly Walker has taken a series of civil rights photographs and contemporary magazine covers and streaked them with with white, milk and dark chocolate...
Credit: Getty Images Last October, President Obama told 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft that he had no knowledge of Clinton's secret e-mail server. Of course, this gets buried underneath the pre-debate chatter and news. Video of rCqAVW8CpLg Now, we have come to find out that...
Credit: Getty Images The Gateway Pundit speaks with Jamie about HRC's unusual request for a new podium during first debate against Trump. In typical Clinton fashion, she wants to appear to be more than she is. Listen to interview below: Video of J4WqyHio7ZE For more from The...