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There’s really no way to sugarcoat this, moms and dads – your recent college graduate may be dumber than dirt. A recent survey showed that nearly ten percent of recent college graduates say that television star Judith Sheindlin is on the Supreme Court. Click here to join Todd’s...
National Anthem - Martina McBride 535 Pressure - Youngblood Hawke 548 Kingdom Come - World Party 610 Gorgeous - X-Ambassadors 635 Un Poco Alegre - Baby Lopez Furst 648 Greek Tragedy - The Wombats 710 Woman Woman - AWOLNATION 735 Can't Deny My Love - Brandon Flowers 748 All In -...
We turn to our favorite legal expert for an in-depth look at the Iranian Nuke deal & "prisioner" swap. Judge Nap :
"I had a chance to watch what I thought was the SNL parody of the Democratic debate... God help is all if one of those Democrats actually make it to the White House," Todd Starnes .
Crudely drawn cartoons with (actual) robot voices... we're not sure about this one:
"He's Coached The Greats: MLB Pitching Coach Talks Coaching Cy Young Winners" [Leo Mazzone!] "Final Word: Let's Reclaim The Football Cardinals"