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Mark helps companies franchise themselves . He says businesses can learn form the Trump campaign.
There Is No Point In Trump "Meeting With These Generals Without Armies"
First, Geraldo calls him, "annoying." Then Bernie isn't taking it from Andrea Mitchell:
Carnegie Vanguard High School’s one act play had a little something for everyone: depictions of male-on-male rape, male-on-female rape, filthy language, on-stage urination, and an actress who simulated wiping her private parts at center stage. Oh yes, there was also a scene...
How close is too close? Are people getting closer to tornadoes than ever before? Great for pictures and video? This high school couple was photo-bombed by this tornado... Full story, HERE .
Her name is Snow. She's a chicken. A clever caller pointed out this woman is likely pro-choice.
You didn't build that! Actually, this time he told a group of Howard University graduates they aren't special. Also, what in the world is with his accent ?
In this effective new campaign ad, the Trump camp points out the flat-out-lie Hillary told about the attacks in Benghazi. She maintains time and time again the attacks were caused by a video and well...