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Trump, again great at connecting with average American's, does a Jon Lovitz impression when referencing Robby Mook's Russian hack conviction.
Watch the latest video at Organizers of the Black DNC Resistance March in Philadelphia were seen Wednesday on video segregating their protest by ordering white people to the back of the line. “I need all white people to move to the back – make space because...
If the media would have ACTUALLY watched the full press conference for Donald Trump they would have realized he was joking about Russia finding Clinton's 30,000 missing emails. Watch press conference below:
Genevieve was less than impressed by Bill's speech. He talked FOREVER but Wood points out, "where are the list of Hillary accomplishments?" Hear her interview with Jamie below: Find Genevieve at & !
President Obama implies Trump's ties to Russia are responsible for the DNC e-mail hack:
She thought the end was strong but the speech was lacking feminism:
Anthony Weiner is back and clearly irritated when asked by NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell about his wife's security clearance possibly being revoked:
The glass shatters and Hillary appears. Then she stands there staring like a robot for a full :50 seconds before addressing the sheeple.
Even Axelrod thinks the lack of police family presence was a mistake: