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It was a weekend of violent unrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A rampaging mob burned businesses and battled with police. The rioting started after a black police officer shot and killed a black suspect. The convicted felon had a gun - and when he refused to drop his weapon the...
Stephan Moore speaks with Jamie about Trump's economic plan vs. Hillary's plan. "We want to talk about nothing but the economy, while Hillary wants to talk about anything but the economy," Moore said. Hear the interview below: Video of 81592I6jeTU
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Pam Geller speaks with Jamie about the corrupt Clinton initiative. "While (Trump) may not be perfect, she's (Clinton) horrible, she's criminal, evil, I don't even know were to begin," Geller said. Hear the interview below: Video of iXtUMI5IBk8
Jamie gets really creative with his wording when describing Joe Biden... So what words do you think describes Joe Biden best? Video of nkFvWFzBMKE
Col. Jack Johnson speaks with Jamie about Trump's foreign policy speech. Hear the interview below: Video of xj02YBN6VT8
Brian Kilmeade reflecting on Trump's foreign policy speech and more specifically his "exteme vetting" stance on immigration, "shows an evolving of a policy but the key does he believe it, does he understand it and is he willing to debate it?" Video of JpnxxwwICHk
Todd admits he doesn't have a degree in community organizing from Harvard but he is having trouble understanding how burning down one's neighborhood advances one's cause. Hear his interview with Jamie below: Video of IIfH6ZtiPvs
Cert smackin', Kent smokin' Uncle Joe hugs Hillary for a really long time: Video of LpB9NibJJkc