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Starts strong then about 4:30 in he starts talking about the, "politics of resentment" and loses it when he starts to whine:
Jamie flagged the following from the above video: Cruz endorsers… (2:41) Cruz on media....and an oops...Hillary can beat…. (4:18 they know.......general election..) Cruz on Trump buying influence… ( those who....)
About 5:55 into Trump's victory speech he discusses the Republican Party and changes that have been taking place.
The Allman Report had the privilege of speaking with one Mr. Donald J Trump as Missouri and Illinois primary results rolled in.
A must hear interview with Donald J. Trump Jr! If nothing else, Donald Trump has done something right with his children. Donald J Trump Jr. tells of life with his father growing up and the events leading up to Donald Trump's decision to run for office. "A blue-collar billionaire...
Todd Starnes joins Jamie this Missouri Primary morning. Wondering why Trump continues to gain momentum? "We the people, the folks who pay the bills in the country, have finally had enough," says Starnes.
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Watch the latest video at Violence broke out over the weekend at several Donald Trump campaign rallies. Leftwing thugs battled with police in Chicago and St. Louis. One unhinged lunatic tried to storm the stage at a rally in Dayton, Ohio. He was stopped by...