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Screenshot via YouTube Diamond and Silk are back with post-debate discussion. "Trump won that debate," and "don't even get me started on Lester Holt," they say. Hear their hilarious take down of Holt and Hillary below: Video of QdQJLi2UTtM
Credit: Getty Images Thanks, Gateway Pundit , for this little gem!
Credit: Getty Images The same former Miss Universe that Trump referred to as, "Miss Piggy" admits to being the getaway driver in an attempted murder years ago. Her line, "the past is in the past." Then let's just let the past be in the past. Video of we8OnvlWSHg Megyn Kelly...
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Credit: Getty Images KJ has had enough of people thinking Clinton won the debate. "This is a woman that made Haiti a plantation and she wants to talk about Trump's taxes? If I were Trump I would have made her eat that," Jackson said. Video of bsM5tCZNJls
Genevieve Wood gets in on the pre-debate discussion on #AITM. "Trump has a vision and can articulate it and he will do better in the next debate against #HRC," Wood explains. Listen to interview below: Video of 1h3qEOzEQdU
Credit: Getty Images Does #HRC have a worm in her mouth? It seems like all the reporters on her plane keep coming after her like she's the mama bird and they're all hungry! Watch Clinton's little chicks fawn over her answers about the first debate: Video of 0RDNBJm6GrA
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Credit: Getty Images Anthem- US Marine Band Video of R39e5dOc7AU 522 Come With Me Now- Kongos Video of 5tDjYuqJRJQ 535 Screaming John- Sonia Dada Video of 5Oeq9hNKOUc 548 Diane Young- Vampire Weekend Video of oG6lTQNW04I 610 Bad Decisions- Two Door Cinema Club Video of...