Allman's Electric Stove

Filling in for Jamie Allman, former MO House Speaker Tim Jones talks to Kevin Jackson while he is in DC hanging out with His Honor Clarence Thomas and later a bartender (who happens to be an illegal).
Tim Jones suggests the following article to add to your reading list. Is there proof that gun control makes people safer? Nope. Read article, HERE .
In the wake of a radical act of terror, the Obama administration took to the podium to put guns and gun owners to shame. That seems like a desperate attempt to divert from the true issue: terrorism. Genevieve Wood thinks so too and is loaded with evidence to support the theory...
St. Louis greats unite for one epic night in St. Louis football history. Isaac Bruce and the Isaac Bruce Foundation present Legends of the Dome , Saturday, July 23rd! We had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Bruce about the event and took a trip down memory lane. Hear the...
515 National Anthem - Mormon Trabinacle Choir Description: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and members of the Orchestra at Temple Square perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" by John Stafford Smith and arranged by Frank Asper, Episode 4391. Aired November 10, 2013 510 Dont Fence Me In...
" A person's favorite version of SNL usually corresponds to the time they were in high school. " - Lorne Michaels Description: Rub'a'dub in da hot tub Hommage à Eddie Murphy.
Whitney O'Daniel clears up confusion about recent gun legislation on Capital Hill. He also discusses what we can expect out of our local lawmakers when it comes to protecting Constitutional rights of gun owners. •
Always clever, Hillary takes a crack at Trump's bankruptcy. However, you can't succeed without taking risks and risks are just that, risky. At this point it seems Trump's success has outweighed the failures.
Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen, says the unemployment rate is down but only because American's have stopped looking for work. President Obama touts the low unemployment rate... thanks Obama.