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Credit: Getty Images Jamie speaks to Jim Hoft about Trump inviting the woman that were assaulted by Bill Clinton to his pre-debate conference and CNN giving talking points to a "focus group" after debate. Listen to interview below: Video of 55iwyii9d0k
And BOOM goes the dynamite. Trump comes out swingin when he tells #HRC she'd be in jail. Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images Once again mainstream media is not being accurate in their evaluations and reflections of Trump! Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images "If you look at Bill Clinton, he was far worse. Mine were words, his were actions," Trump explained when asked about the 11 year old tape that resurfaced last week. Watch video from debate below:
Good morning this morning! WHOA what a night! We have a lot to catch up on so make sure you keep up with our LIVE stream & you won't miss a beat. Watch the show: Today's Show Sheet: 650 Jim Hoft 722 Rodney Boyd 748 Tim Jones 822 Jay Stewart 837 Rob Rains
Credit: Getty Images Jamie has Jim Talent on #AITM to discuss predictions for Sunday's debate and who will speak louder to the undecided voters. Listen to the interview below: Video of StjnPBJprdM
Credit: Getty Images Stacy on the Right digs up some dirt on Michelle Obama talkin crap on Clinton in 2008. "I've always said Clinton couldn't control one part of the Gov. how could she control the whole thing, turns out Michelle Obama said the same exact thing in 2008,"...
Associate Producer Katie Bailey is at it again with another Minute with Millennials project. Since it is getting closer and closer to election day it seemed like the right time to get the millennial perspective on who they are voting for and why. Check out the video below: Video...
Credit: Getty Images Jim Carafano speaks with Jamie about his recent trip to Malaysia! Watch video below: Video of pc4cQda5Fr8