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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Todd Starnes reports on a DNC headquarters in Ohio that received a pre-election surprise . Jamie points out that this is keeping with the theme of the HRC campaign after a DNC bus dumps sewage in a Georgia storm drain and Hillary continues...
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Autism Speaks National Anthem - Ricochet Video of 6orKQikoAvg 522 Like A Hurricane - Neil Young Video of 6-WMbP1RcC4 535 Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young Video of aAdtUDaBfRA 548 Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel Video of _OO2PuGz-H8 610 Love Me...
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images "Good morning you bunch of drunks" may be a reality for HRC. Here's a fun article about Mrs. Clinton's inclination to drink, drink, drink. Jamie wonders if this has something to do with her tendency to wobble.
Good morning this morning! Today, Jamie recaps Halloween, riffs on drunken Hillary and much more. Watch Allman and crew below: 5:22 – National Anthem 5:50 – Todd Starnes 7:22 – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 8:10 – Dr. Randy Tobler 8:37 – Doug Giles
Credit: Getty Images Eric Engman Jamie speaks with Jim Hoft about the intricacy of early voting and Former Clinton Pollster Doug Schoen withdrawing support fro HRC. Listen to interview below: Video of CmN97rTvJjw
Credit: Gett Images Scott Olson This HillBully didn't think she would get caught trolling a Trump supporter... Guess what lady, YOU'RE WRONG!
Credit: Getty Images Mark Makela Is there anything that this woman wouldn't do? She's as dirty as the day is long! Listen to audio below:
It's that time of year again for Jamie and the AITM crew to celebrate Halloween! It's 5 AM but we still know how to party! Video of jc8AiuGmuJE
Good mornin you bunch o' drunks and happy Halloween! Let's get this Monday started by watching Jamie and the crew do their thing in the studio brought to you by Arrowhead Building Supply ! Guests: 6:50-Jim Hoft 7:22- Rodney Boyd 8:22 Jay Stewart 8:37 Rob Rains