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Good morning this morning! You know the drill... we're LIVE! Today's Show Sheet: 610 Pam Geller 650 Denish D'Souza 722 Genevieve Wood 748 Rep. Rodney Davis 822 Kevin Jackson 837 Skip Weber
Credit: Getty Images Judge Napolitano says that Trump's comments about jailing Hillary may have been in-artful but they were certainly justified. Video of mWwddTrazGg
Credit: Getty Images Children's Education Alliance of Missouri 's Associate Director Peter Franzen joins Jamie this morning to discuss Thursday's event. Video of 18s6b-UIjho
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - US Marine Band Video of R39e5dOc7AU 535 Nothing Left To Say - Staind Video of xlcM37TpdYY 610 Run For Your Life - Runner Video of iZlKmlJsLL0 622 My Type - Saint Motel Video of k5C1Bt4k-iA 635 The Great American Nightmare - Howard Stern...
Credit: Getty Images Coal. Video of BAdMJ8b2iCE Energy Independence.
Credit: Getty Images Let's set politics aside for a moment and just enjoy this little gem:
Good morning this morning! You know the drill... we're LIVE! Today's Show Sheet: 5:22 – National Anthem 5:50 – Brian Kilmeade 6:22 – Lightning Round 6:50 – Peter Franzen 7:37 – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 8:10 – Dr. Randy Tobler 8:37 – Doug Giles
Credit: Getty Images Jamie and Tim Jones discuss their night in spin alley at the second Presidential debate of 2016. Plus, some interesting stories about encounters with #NeverTrumpanzees. Listen to interview below: Video of 5SXt2NB3ZLE
Credit: Getty Images Anthem- Brandi Carlile 535 Eileen- Keith Richards 548 Miss Atomic Bomb- The Killers 610 Gangnam Style- Psy 622 It's the End of the World- R.E.M. 635 Internet Killed The Video Star- The Limousines 648 Get Closer- Life In Film 710 Papaer Thin Walls- Modest...