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Sandra and Jamie talk about her role moderating the latest GOP debate!
Jim Carafano takes social media seriously! Plus, he talks about ISIS and Veteran's Day.
This is hilarious/hard to watch... a student tells Cavuto how college should be free for all and paid for by the 1%... she just can't seem to answer the question of how that's going to really happen. It starts awkward... and goes on for over nine minutes. Ouch!
Stacy Washington recaps her first Vet's parade with 97.1 in Edwardsville, Illinois and weighs in on the happenings at Mizzou.
There's been controvery over the Mizzou football team donning all-white uniforms after all the racial tension... AS IF the color of a uniform has anything to do with it! However, judging from this video, the team doesn't seem to mind too much!
Ben Carson is concerned about the protests happening at Yale and Mizzou, saying they are threatening our freedoms. CLICK HERE for the video. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has some ideas about Mizzou... namely, he thinks HE should be running the place! Photo courtesy
Chris Wallace gives his take on Mizzou and tells Jamie about his time in the slammer! Photo courtesy
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Mizzou student Naomi Collier tells Andrea Mitchell that the photographer blocked form the protest was "ignorant or uneducated". Photo courtesy