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It's no secret that Donald Trump wasn't the first choice of many conservative pundits, however, Hugh Hewitt finally says it, "It's the Supreme Court, stupid." Here's why a Hillary Clinton administration could be detrimental to society.
This is the scariest aspect of the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer speaks with Jamie about the election season wrapping up and his opinions about the primaries happening August 2nd, 2016. They discuss Operation Choke Point as well as passing legislation that would reform housing policies in America for the first...
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Jim Carafano talks with Jamie about the different reactions from Washington to Hillary's speech vs. Trump's speech. "When Trump does anything people go ballistic, what impact is that having? Are they driving people away from the candidate or underminding their own credibility,"...
Stacy Washington and Jamie talk about Hillary's insane speech. "How can we possibly subject ourselves to eight years of Hillary Clinton yell/talking into a microphone," Washington said. Hear the interview below:
Hillary asks if we really think Donald Trump has the temperament to be Commander and Chief in her DNC speech. Come on Hillary, you haven't had a news conference in 238 days and you're questioning if Trump can stand up to the press? Watch Clinton's full speech below:
A special moment dedicated for the fallin police officers is interrrupted by members of the BLM at the #DNCinPhilly. Watch video below: Black Lives Matter protestors interrupt moment of silence at #DNCinPHL for fallen police officers — Charlie Spiering...