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Judge Napolitano joins Jamie this morning for a legal briefing on Syrian refugees and offers his opinion of the terror in Paris and escalating threats around the globe:
Todd Starnes joins Jamie for his weekly hit. In the wake of terror in Paris and threat of thousands of un-vetted Syrian refugees hitting the shores, Todd takes a minute to tell a story of a slutty egg joint in CA. "The eggs are mostly served over-easy," says Starnes.
CBS Sunday morning designed this to embarrass republicans and Trump...but we have a sense of nostalgia:
Oprah spent an entire show with an Islamic scholar who claimed Jihad is merely a spiritual struggle and not a holy war. "I'm not saying she's complacent but clueless is just as bad," says Pamela .
Rodney Boyd ( Insider Talk ) joins the show this moring with a very unsettling account of his sister dining in Paris during the attacks. She was unharmed but Rodney and family could not reach her until she returned to Spain.
National Anthem - US Navy Band 522 + 535 Going Up The Country - Canned Heat 548 All I Can Do - The Cars 635 Close To Me - The Cure 648 Bleep! Dub Tech - MykiH 722 You're A Tourist - Death Cab For Cutie 735 Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars 748 Nighttiming - Coconut Records 822...
Syrian refugees in the Netherlands aren't happy with their free stuff:
Anthem - The Fray 535 Never You Change - The Maytals 550 Possum Kingdom - Toadies 635 You Are A Tourist - Death Cab For Cutie 735 Symphonies - Dan Black 750 Touch Me - The Doors 820 Thank God For Girls - Weezer 835 Feel So Close - Calvin Harris Photo courtesy