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Jim DeMint , President of the Heritage Foundation, joins the show this morning to discuss religious liberty. Should the state proceed with legislation?
Doug Giles joins Jamie to discuss the Cruz/Kasich 'alliance', "it's gross". Hear the conversation below:
Welcome Katie to the 97.1 family! During Katie's time as our digital intern, she created a series of "Minute with Millenial" videos. Hear Katie's interview with Jamie below: For more "Minute with Millennials", click here .
Judge Napolitano joins the show this morning. He and Jamie discuss the fact that the RNC is a private entity not a gov't agency. Hear their interview below:
Todd Starnes joins the show this morning to discuss his recent discovery of an interesting piece of 'art'.
Our theory: Kasich eats during interview so he doesn't have to answer any questions... Trump, however, can't help himself:
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