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Credit: Getty Images Unbelievable. CNN's Brian Stelter blames Donald Trump for the burning of a GOP campaign office in North Carolina. Does that seem like a classic, 'blame the victim' approach? The Gateway Pundit reports on this sad story and more. Video of 0M7UiFwV8j4 More...
Credit: Getty Images Election day is right around the corner and the races are as hot as ever. Rodney Boyd joins Jamie to discuss elections nation and statewide alike. Video of xe2iHkBhYm4
Credit: Getty Images During the 2008 election cycle, Michelle Obama stated, "if you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House." This was directly related to Bill Clinton's indiscretions and HIllary's inability to tailor them: Video of hgNFBqwt5ws
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - LeAnn Rimes Video of vBd5PL3ZsRc 522 Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes Video of rswiq4Hi-tc 535 Anna Sun - Walk The Moon Video of qDVW81bXo0s 548 Early In The Morning - The Gap Band Video of aobIboK_z34 610 Free Animal - Foreign Air Video...
Credit: Getty Images A North Carolina GOP campaign office was attacked over the weekend . Vandals threw fire bombs inside windows causing mass amounts of damage. Inexplicably, CNN's Brian Stelter blames Trump:
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Credit: Getty Images Jim Carafano speaks with Jamie about the U.S. launching strikes in Yemen after missiles aimed at american ships. Listen to interview below: Video of OQh0VyH9KD8
Credit: Getty Images Maria Bartiromo speaks with Jamie about NBC aka the #ManipulatedMedia editing out Billy Bush's crud comments in the Trump tape as well as Trump's beneficial and logical tax policies. "If you put these two plans side by side, anybody can see that you will...
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