Allman's Electric Stove

Jim Hoft joins AITM to talk Mizzou Madness, and the audacity of a professor asking his students to attend class.
Mark Schierbecker gives a first hand account of what happened at Mizzou during the protests, and the fallout with Melissa Click.
Jim Talent talks the latest GOP Debate and how listeners could benefit from a smaller pool of candidates per debate. He also talks defense - here's an article he wrote about it for The National Review .
KJ plans to take a truckload of diapers to the babies at Mizzou.
The Federalist's Joy Pullmann published an interesting piece on a possible explanation for the coddled youth movement: "Blame The Mommy Wars For The Ongoing Mizzou Insanity"
Don't forget to check out Genevieve's work at and !
This beast of a woman is caught on camera in an extended release of the original video mocking the reporter for pointing out that Mizzou is public property. Glad our tax dollars are keeping food on this woman's table, ugh: