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Credit: Getty Images Genevieve Wood speaks with Jamie about Right to Work and the insane amount of interruptions during the VP Debate. Listen to interview below: Video of 4L2yAcaPnmo
Credit: Getty Images A group of undecideds agreed that Pence won the VP debate last night. "Pence didn't do a lot to defend Trump, he just jumped in and defended his platform very well," one group member explained. Watch video below: Video of 2PN7Sa9QtgQ
Credit: Getty Images Kaine interrupted Pence ove 55 times. Here's a montage that pretty much sums up the VP debate experience. Video of BaL9_4HAxAU
Credit: Getty Images Pence plays it cool, calm and collected at VP debate. He addresses Clinton's "Basket of Deplorables" comment and for the first time in the debate, Kaine was silent and didn't interrupt. Watch video below:
Good morning you bunch o' drunks! Watch Allman in the Morning LIVE below: Today's "Show Sheet" 6:50 School Spirit Award Winner Mark Hillen 7:22 Genevieve Wood 737 Judge Napolitano 8:22 Kevin Jackson 837 Skip Weber
Credit: Getty Images Doug Giles speaks with Jamie about "The Duke Men's Project" that was launched this month. Dipro Bhowmik, who sits on the leadership team, recently said the goal of the Duke Men’s Project is for male students to “critique and analyze their own masculinity and...
Credit: Getty Images Anthem- Leanne Rimes Video of f82mWsH5b-Y 522 Second Hand News- Fleetwood Mac Video of EJXK-K803y8 535 Ding-Dong The Witch is Dead- The Munchkins Video of Uh47qfSIx-4 548 Breathe In- Frou Frou Video of B9CxJZcbRiM 610 Slide- Goo Goo Dolls Video of...
Credit: Getty Images MO GOP Chairman John Hancock has his own predictions of what will happen tonight at the VP debate. "What you are going to see tonight is Mike Pence, a strong leader who's knowledgeable on a number of issues, vs. Tim Kaine who is kind of a light weight,"...
Credit: Getty Images These poor saps fell right into the false information trap. No, Hillary did not drop out of the race, however unfortunate that may be. Video of sXa1aAJcTPE