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Since 2007 this man has been legally barred from releasing his client's client list. He claims releasing the list will have an impact on the 2016 presidential election. Bernie and Hillary deny any involvement with the madame. Who's on that list?
Pamela Geller is back from Israel! Geller joins Jamie this morning to discuss the global threat of terror and the perception of ISIS around the world. She also discusses our current relationship with Israel from the Israeli standpoint.
Doug Giles, Clash Daily , joins the show to discuss the current political landscape. He and Jamie also discuss rapper Azealia Banks ' latest tweets calling for the "gang rape" of Sarah Palin.
Jamie tweeted the following memo last night. What do you think "Trump elements" means?
National Anthem - USMC 535 Boogie Philosphy - Dephazz 548 Lips Like Sugar - Echo and the Bunnymen 610 Santa Monica - Everclear 622 Just Like Heaven - The Cure 635 Check It Out - John Mellencamp 648 Futures - Jimmy Eat World 710 Lady On The Rock - Joe Vitale 735 Hickory Dickory...
A caller suggested we check out the martians from the film "Mars Attacks" as they sound eerily similar to Mrs. Clinton:
National Anthem - Charles Glenn 535 Teachers - Young The Giant 548 Legs - ZZ Top 610 Anna Sun - Walk The Moon 622 Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots 648 Destruction - Joywave 710 River - Bishop 735 I Am - AWOLNATION 748 Girl - Beck 810 Sabotage - Beastie Boys 835...