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Kennedy weighs in on Trump's answer to Chris Matthew's 'punishment for abortion' question:
Our friend, Daywalker, was on this morning to promote his charity dart tournament and preview his newest album. Event details: Friday, April 1st Shamrocks in St. Peters $100 cash prize For information on how to sign up call Kyle at 636-939-2000. Hear Daywalker's interview below:
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Judge Nap taking time out on a special day to chat about the Fields-Lewandowski feud. He says she's out of her tree if she thinks charges will stick. Hear the interview below:
Rich Keinzle, author of "The Grand Tour: The Life and Music of George Jones," joins the show this morning and takes us on a trip down memory lane. Check out Rich Keinzle's music blog!
Todd Starnes shares his thoughts on the allegations made against Ted Cruz in the National Enquirer.
Georgia’s Republican governor stunned the state’s religious community Monday by vetoing legislation that would have protected preachers who refuse to perform LGBT marriages. “It’s open season on people of faith in our state,” said State Sen. Josh McKoon, the author of the 2014...