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Photo by Scott LegatoGetty Images Liberal Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore’s secret TrumpLand documentary has gone viral online Some language may be NSFW Video of YKeYbEOSqYc
Photo by Scott Olson Getty Image Video of vVvLjQy_JHU American Enterprise Institute Scholar Senator Jim Talent & Jamie Allman discuss the election.
Credit: Getty Images Kevin Jackson Weighs in on the Megyn/ Gingrich face off and discusses the Presidential Election Video of oGZM1UrMfCI Video of Ok3QJ6b2ycc
Credit: Getty Images Jamie speaks with Kennedy about skewed polling systems and the unpredictable nature of Trump Video of atlaiN89Thk
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Jamie speaks with Sen. Roy Blunt about his fundraiser held in Columbia MO as well as what his campaign represents Video of 3Lhs27jpaJk
Credit: Getty Images Genevieve Wood is a Senior fellow in communcations and senior contributor to The Daily Signal. Video of 83qYNwUs9A4
Photo by Scott Olson Getty Images Jamie speaks with Doug Giles abut Trump masks outselling Hillary masks as well as the third project Veritas video released about the Donald Duck aggressive briddogging Video of HYi6_BUZRvY