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After watching the mayhem at last week’s GOP presidential debate, I’ve decided it’s time for the Republican candidates to have a Come-to-Jesus meeting. Guys, we get it. Click here to get Todd’s American Dispatch – a must-read for conservatives. Donald, you can't take a punch...
Why would a social conservative vote for Donald Trump, who is the least socially conservative of all the Republican candidates? Rod Dreher from The American Conservative can think of a few reasons: CLICK HERE FOR MORE.
Trump on the Pope Trump on Vatican wall Jeb: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Appropriate to Question Donald Trump’s Faith’
Anthem – Glenn Charles 535 Could Have Been Me – The Struts 550 Sign Your Name – Terence Trent D’Arby 620 Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep 635 Baba O’Riley – The Who 650 Molecules – Atlas Genuis 735 Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction 750 America’s Sweetheart – Elle King 807 There...
Jamie and Jim talk about Bernie Sanders' past... including his album, his old writing job, and his questionable skills in carpentry.
"They'll be no barking here...." Trump responds to Hillary's bizarre barking. Also, check out this hilarious vine - who let the dogs out!? Vine Photo courtesy
Jamie and Kevin discuss the huge decision surrounding the new Supreme Court Justice... and how interesting it would be to see Ted Cruz nominated. Connect with Kevin Jackson at