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Hillary, in an attempt to shame Donald Trump, holds up a tie made overseas by the Trump corporation. She doesn't realize she's making his point. Currently, the government is making it easier and less expensive to take business overseas as opposed to staying stateside. Trump...
Kevin Jackson speaks with Jamie about the media manipulating Donald Trump's Purple Heart Speech as well as the results of the 2016 Missouri Governor's Race. Hear the interview below:
520 National Anthem - US Army Description: National Anthem of the United States of America. 510 Dont Fence Me In - David Byrne Description: 522 Holding On To You - twenty one pilots 537 Lane Boy - twenty one pilots 550 Break...
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about the results of the Missouri Governors Race and predictions of what's to come from the nominees. Hear the interview below:
Speaker Tim Jones talks with Jamie about the stats of the 2016 Missouri Governor's race and Eric Greitens win over Catherine Hanaway, Peter Kinder and John Brunner. Hear the interview below:
Watch the latest video at After back-to-back weeks of bickering and bloviating, I’m about all politicked out. So the other day, I sent a message to our good readers that I was searching for stories to share that would inspire, not inflame. Soon, my in box was...
Of course the main stream media has edited this moment down to make Trump seem flippant and unappreciative. Here's the full cut. You decide.
Eric Greitens wins the Republican nomination for Missouri Governor Tuesday, August 2, 2016. Watch acceptance speech below:
Doug Giles discusses Khan, DNC e-mail leaks & more! Check out this video at of the Rock singing about a horrible woman. Is he talking about Hillary?