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Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images Many of us were not thrilled with the election of President Obama but we didn't protest. A few callers suggested these folks can be appeased with a participation ribbon: Video of 1xNGefzL1NE
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Ugh. Video of PjZoljZcVcw
Credit: Getty Images by Joe Raedle Jamie speaks with Kevin Jackson on Donald Trump's victory and Van Jones accusations that under Trump's Presidency, it will be a whitelash against a changing country. Listen to interview below: Video of 7s2I-fO9cAU
Credit: Getty Images by Spencer Platt The mainstream media pundits are flipping out over the Trump victory. Jamie speaks with Genevieve Wood about the disappointed faces of the mainstream media pundits during Trump's victory. Listen to interview below: Video of WIfvXj6GP24
Credit: Getty Images by Chip Somodevilla Watch Pence victory speech below:
Credit: Getty Images Drew Angere Welp, HRC didn't have the strength to come out and concede so she sent Podesta to do her bidding. Watch Podesta tell Clinton rally members to go home: Video of X9be_tjuCw4
Credit: Getty Images by Drew Angerer Nothing feels sweeter than waking up this morning to a Trump victory! So happy that our 45th PotUS is Donald J. Trump. Listen to FULL victory speech below: Video of pMgjwBgCZIw
Photo by La rry Busacca/Getty Images for GQ Eric Greitens is the GOP candidate for Governor of Missouri. How will this election turn out? We hope for the best. Get out and vote people. The Greitens campaign has also set up a "Legal War Room" to address concerns regarding the...
Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images Todd Starnes joins Jamie on election morning to discuss possible outcomes. They also talk chicken, ranch dressing, collards and cornbread. Hear the hilarious interview below: Video of zDbpleRIhnk