Allman's Electric Stove

5:10 Next Year – Two Door Cinema Club 5:25 The Star Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston 5:35 Clearest Blue – Chvrches 5:50 Dizz Knee Land – Dada 6:20 It’s Now or Never – Elvis 6:35 Eric Chruch – Springsteen 6:50 My Body – Young the Giant 7:10 Aquarius – 5th Dimension 7:35 Starship...
"Trump and Cruz are concerned in holding their numbers in Iowa... In Iowa crazy things can happen in the last week."
"BILL: ...don't you think that's the right thing to do? TRUMP: It probably is. But, you know..."
"If Cruz was being a baby, I would be saying the same thing..."
Genevieve Wood joins the show to discuss Thursday's GOP debate and the water mucking around Hillary. Will Trump debate and should he? Just how serious is this server scandal? Jamie and Genevieve discuss the above and more: You can find Genevieve's work at Daily &...