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Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images Eric Bolling is mocked for his poll skepticism. Maybe everyone else should have been paying more attention. Here's looking at you Dana Perino and your "dumb dog Jasper". Video of SqdBohIuVWY
Credit by: Evening Standard/Getty Images President-elect Donald Trump seems thrilled to reinstall the Winston Churchill statue. Read full article HERE .
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for MTV News Remember, Dave Wilcox? He was the Chicago man beaten for his assumed Trump support: Video of djx3T9IEc1A Well, this guy can't catch a break. CNN contributor Symone Sanders mocks the assault: Video of RJrwekMu2ZU
Photo Credit: Rob Kim /Getty Images Glenn Beck has a way of being overdramatic but to say that the President's chief strategist has ties with white nationalists is taking it too far. Watch Beck in a full rant about Bannon below: Video of TLzEDwsKGaY
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Trump supporters probably could have guessed Wanda Sykes was a raging liberal but they were at her show none-the-less and didn't think her political riffing was funny. She then turns on her audience. Video of jjAT3tFoLFg
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for CBGB National Anthem - Ricochet Video of YLNRERGyM3Q 535 Take a Chance On Me - Abba Video of -crgQGdpZR0 548 Big Gun - AC/DC Video of a82cNcjw3iw 610 Closer - The Urge Video of ltDHI0MIhWE 622 Rehab - Amy Winehouse Video of KUmZp8pR1uc...
Photo Credit: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images Jamie sits down with fallen officer Blake Snyder’s widow Elizabeth Snyder and brother-in-law St. Louis County Police Officer Justin Sparks. Watch interview below:
Check out this video Jamie put together from the 2016 Veteran's Day Parade! Thank you to those who have served: VIEW VIDEO HERE