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CREDIT: Getty Images There's nothing like taking hard questions. "Did you miss us?" asks Andrea Mitchell. Now that is hard hitting journalism. Good greif.
Jay Stewart speaks with Jamie about Right To Work and the effects it can have on our economy. Hear the interview below:
Ben Carson is not even worried about CNN interview when he realizes he forgot his luggage! Watch clip below:
This is great. Woman attempts to steal Trump yard signs from the front of a Central IN house but doesn't make it very far. 6p @rtv6 — Katie Heinz (@katieheinz6) September 2, 2016
Indiana Governor Mike Pence will make a public appearance in Chesterfield, MO this Tuesday, September 6th. Tickets are free but you have to register! CLICK HERE to sign up. Jamie will be MCing the event and Katie Bailey will be crowd reporting. All content will be posted as we... National Anthem - US Marine Corps. Band Description: During the war of 1812 (on September 14, 1814), poet Francis Scott Key wrote a poem entitled "Defense of Fort McHenry", being inspired by seeing the American flag still flying amidst the battle. Key never meant...
Credit: Getty Images Peter Vaccaro joins the show to discuss this year's St. Nicholas Greek Festival ! Hear interview below:
You can't make this stuff up. Mizzou head coach Barry Odom says his players cannot own handguns while part of the team. Is that even legal? READ STORY HERE
Good for Chris Cuomo not letting this go. Phantom, eh? Turns out he's a liar too. Big suprise.