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Credit: Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with good friend and wonderful reporter Jason Whitely on his story that revealed Texas elector Chris Suprun as a fraud. Suprun lied about being a first responder in 9/11. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Leon Neal /Getty Images For part two of our #AITM Christmas pageant extravaganza, Jamie tells us the importance of Joseph during the birth of Christ. Listen below:
Credit:Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd about the harassment of electoral college voters to vote for anyone but Trump. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Sean Gallup /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Jim Hoft about the exposed fraud of elector Chris Surpan as well as Facebook using left-wing sources to decide what is "fake news." Watch video below:
Credit: Tom Pennington /Getty Images Incredible story done by Jason Whitely from WFAA on faithless elector Chris Suprun. Whitely exposes Suprun for the fraud that he is. Watch report below:
Credit: Larry French /Getty Images CNN Political Commentator Angela Rye says Trump is not her President and denies President-elect Trump's legitimacy. Well Rye, it doesn't really matter if you believe it or not because he IS the President-elect, he already won so why don't you...
Credit:t: Mark Wallheiser /Getty Images watch FULL Donald Trump THANK YOU Rally in Mobile, Alabama:
The #AITM crew goes ice skating for the first Christmas video! Check out the crew tearing up the ice:
Credit:Kevin Winter /Getty Images 515 Anthem- The Fray 522 What A Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong 537 Chicken Fried- Zac Brown Band 548 Do You Hear What I Hear?- Whitney Houston 610 Baby It's Cold Outside- Dean Martin 622 Mysterious Ways- U2 637 I heard it through the grapevine...