Allman's Electric Stove

photo by Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images 'Latino Victory Fund' ad depicts Ed Gillespie supporter attempting to run over and terrorize minority children while driving a pickup truck with a confederate flag attached to the back. Watch below: Video of Brutal Ad...
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images General John Kelly sits down with Laura Ingraham for a one-on-one interview about Manafort, Hillary Clinton, Trump Dossier, and Rep. Wilson's comments. Watch FULL interview below: Video of JOHN KELLY FULL ONE-ON-ONE EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW WITH...
Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images By Todd Starnes/Twitter Last week, some 65,000 members of the Future Farmers of America Organization gathered in Indianapolis to celebrate our great nation. I received a video of the jaw-dropping celebration from Deb Zippel,...
Rick Pogue from Arrowhead Building Supply joins Jamie today to discuss Tax Cut Now, an event hosted by the Job Creators Network. Listen below:
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Image Yuli Gurriel makes racist gesture after homering off Yu Darvish, but does not get taken out of the World Series. How is that possible? To read more, CLICK HERE.
Photo by Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images The church that George Washington attended is considering taking down a plaque that honors our first president. To read more, CLICK HERE.
Photo by George Rose/Getty Images Who remembers waiting in anticipation for the Heinz ketchup to drip out of the bottle? Watch below: Video of classic Heinz Ketchup Anticipation TV ad 1979
Photo by Altan Gocher/NurPhoto via Getty Images Jolene Brackey author of Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimers Journey: A Guide for Families and Caregivers joins Jamie in studio: Garden View Care Centers | Enhanced Moments
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