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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Caitlin Miller and several of her classmates were playing make-believe last week on the playground at McLauchlin Elementary School in North Carolina. One of her friends was pretending to be a queen and another was pretending to be a princess...
Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff Liberals are going crazy at the fact that Vice President Mike Pence chooses not eat alone with women other than his wife. Washington Post reporter Paul Waldman makes an insane comparison between Pence's rules to Muslim's who insist women war full...
Credit: Alexander Hassenstein / Staff Jim Carafano gives his take on Kim Jong-un testing missiles and McCain calling him a 'crazy fat kid' on MSNBC. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello / Stringer Lots of Missourians are not for the building of a new soccer stadium in St. Louis, however, 'Street Beat' correspondent, Henry Davis, thinks it will bring more jobs back into the city. Watch interview with Henry below:
Credit: Mark Wilson / Staff Kim Jong-un did not take this comment from Senator McCain lightly. Read full article, HERE. Watch video below:
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images "I can't stop my leg!" Comedian Robert Klein still can't stop his leg and has no intention of halting his lengthy career. He has a new special coming out on the Starz network and joins Jamie to discuss. SNL circa 1975:
Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images Show Me Institute 's Graham Renz joins Jamie this morning with a piece on the economic benefit, or lack thereof, in bringing an MLS team to St. Louis.
Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images A big a** shark in Australia was caught in a cyclone and flung onto land. Yep, that's the plot of Sharknado . Plus, let's stop frivolously pushing the handicap-door-button.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images The exchange between Sean Spicer and April Ryan is causing a stir . Saying this is racism is taking away from the serious nature of actual racism.