Allman's Electric Stove

Credit: Hulton Archive / Staff Credit: Jason Merritt / Staff Jamie interviews Gene Simmons on the Allman Report about Comic Con and a show at the Pageant. Watch below:
Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Staff Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd on Claire McCaskill being onboard for the filibuster of Gorsuch, Prop P and the big election day for the soccer stadium vote. Watch Below:
Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff We all know Jamie loves his pranks and traffic director, Jim Ryan, got a taste of it today! Watch below:
Credit: Mark Wilson / Staff Jamie speaks with Jim Hoft on Schiff backpedaling claims that he made last month on MSNBC that there was 'circumstantial' evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government after visiting the W.H. and seeing the same documents...
Credit: Chris McGrath / Staff As mosques go up, churches go down in the United Kingdom's capitol city. Read full article HERE.
Credit: Darren McCollester / Stringer Jamie is voting for Prop P and he explains why. "The government will cut short the commitment they have to our local police," he explains, "it is seemingly the lowest priority for our government." Listen below:
Credit: Chelsea Lauren / Stringer Maxine Waters sounds like Al Sharpton when she talks about the newest word in her vocabulary. If you don't have her kind of patriotism than she is going to deal with you. Watch below: Waters: I’m Going to Deal with Trump and His Incompetency ‘...
Credit: Joshua Lott / Stringer A young man mops up blood from a quadruple homicide in Chicago. While mopping, he lays out a speech that will pull at your heartstrings and open your eyes to the crime that is happening in the streets of Chicago. Speech begins at 1:47. Watch below:
Credit: Mark Wilson / Staff Jeff Sessions appears on O' Reilly to talk sanctuary cities after announcing last week he would take action towards cities who refuse to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Watch below: Watch the latest video at