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32 counts of embezzlement in St. Louis. Here's how it went down... If you or someone you know is suspicious of embezzlement call 800.347.8597 and report (anonymity protected).
Jimmy makes a special guest appearance to talk airstrikes in Syria and he has a few choice words for the president:
RFK Jr. didn't like PJTV asking him questions about his carbon footprint:
"Like it is with many nights and days watching the fallen come home I will never forget being there the night Cpl. Vinnedge came home to a touching tribute that included his favorite truck and a team of veterans and firefighters. Remembering Cpl. Vinnedge today. Via my friend...
It seems like Will is skeptical of where we're attacking and who is responsbile for following through and finishing things:
The US took part in airstrikes aimed at ISIS, 15 specific locations. Five Islamic nations also took part in the airstrike. For now it's important to note those five nations as this isn't exactly our fight. It's also interesting how twitter is/will be playing a roll in reporting...
Sander Coovert stopped by the studio today to talk to Jamie. Check out the Absolute Granite website HERE !
Jamie talks to Jay Stewart about the Kansas Senate race.