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One Direction Ticket winner Ken Cruz is taking his corresponding duties very seriously:
State run media NPR manufacturers apology for golfing and vacations… never mind Bush was battered… NPR basically saying poor Obama can’t catch break: CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE STORY
The truth hits everybody... a wipes decrying militarization of police… among them Senator Claire McCaskill... now can’t really say Ferguson police were militarized... bummer facts getting in the way of good stories and career advancements. John Kirby with the pentagon. CLICK...
Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club 535 Dangerous – Big Data 550 I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers 620 Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder 650 Ooh La La – Faces 720 High – Young Rising Sons 750 I Have the Touch – Peter Gabriel 820 Pearl Necklace – ZZ Top 835 Maps – Yeah...
ISIS is no in control of an airforce base... moving up from hijacking... Clearly the threat is real but what does it mean?
Lemonade selling Florida boy's worst enemy is not the government but a neighbor:
Meh, let him play golf. He's not changing things for the better when he is paying attention... (:45 ...Egypt and the UAE acting alone…)