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“I am a woman,” he said. “That’s who I am…that female side of me…that’s who I am.” ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos “This is not a publicity stunt” ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos “No, I’m not gay” ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos I’m A Transgender Conservative...
Insufferable White House correspondence dinner... Obama F*ck it list. Nice. ( advisors....) Cheering for Obamacare? (4:12 nine in ten americans.....) On Joe Biden and misrepresents reality... (7:59 let me set the record straight....) Obama selective attack on news...
National Anthem - US Navy Band 522 Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire 535 Faithful - Pearl Jam 548 Count Me In - 311 637 The Best Room - Modest Mouse 648 Different Colors - Walk The Moon 722 748 822 835 848
Chris Rock on Baseball and blacks Chris Rock’s Take on Blacks in Baseball: Real Sports (HBO)
Andrew Chad Caldwell's, "I'm Not Gay No More" went viral at the end of 2014: Now he's back claiming a Fro-Yo attack in U-City was a hate crime in reaction to said video. Hear what Jamie thinks below: CLICK HERE TO READ FRO-YO ARTICLE
NSA Creates Animated Mascot ‘Dunk’ to Implore Kids to Recycle.
In Softball Interview, Chris Matthews Praises Gyro copter Pilot: 'I Completely Support Your Message' pilot Doug Houghes
Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals BRAWL after Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura and White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton exchanged words. Your browser does not support iframes.