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Jamie Allman's Electric Stove: Today's Music and Photo 7/25/13

Yesterday was Henry Shaw’s birthday, so the Botanical Garden was free to the public. Two morning show players went with their families: the vacationing Denys Schaefer and her family and Carl with his family. Later that evening Carl and Jamie hung out at the baseball game with some of our 97.1 sales staff. Jamie stayed until the near 11pm end. (Carl was not so lucky.) You don’t believe us? Here’s photographic evidence.


Jamie liked Carl's glasses. He gave them back - eventually.

Anthem – US Navy Band
522 Changing – The Airborne Toxic Event
537 Spiraling - Keane
550 Banks of the Ohio – Bill Monroe & Doc Watson
637 Golden Phone – Micachu & the Shapes
648 A Love Bizarre – Sheila E.
737 Jump into the Fog – the Wombats
748 Desafinado  – Ella Fitzgerald
822 God Only Knows – the Beach Boys
837 Tongue Tied - Gropuplove
848 Dreams – the  Cranberries

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