These two cuties recieved their TEN YEAR(!) watches from CEO/CFO Pat Walsch yesterday. Congratulations!!
Russ kindly stopped by this morning to bring the crew some BBQ and man was it awesome! Jamie is having Russ and Total Catering provide food for Aiden's 10th birthday party this weekend. If you have an event and you're discussing food options we HIGHLY recommend these guys! 314...
Instead of visiting the border (to avoid turning it into a photo op) our esteemed President spent time at a bar in Denver drinking beer, hugging gorillas, and taking pictures... wait what? CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS Here, he'll explain it...???
From Paul, "Jamie, I love your show and wanted to share this with you. Tonight, while playing Pictionary, my 12 year old son, a Boy Scout, drew this for my 7 year old daughter to guess. Within a few seconds, she guessed the correct answer, “Free”."
CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUTHOUSE brought to you by The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft!
A great big happy birthday to Dr. Randy Tobler! Thanks for kicking butt in the hot seat this morning!