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Let the ONE DIRECTION Corresponding Begin!

Ken survived...with only partial hearing loss: 

One Direction Ticket winner Ken Cruz is taking his corresponding duties very seriously: 



Thanks for the swag, Jamie!

Kate and Ken ready to go!

Ken realizing what is about to happen

Rain! Will we get there in time?

Made it!

Getting crowded

A Sea of People Getting Merch



Kate Runs Into Some of Her Best Friends

In the Crowd

The Stage!

Jamie Scott Video

Their First Ever Concert

So Many People!

I Say Jamie, You Say Allman!

Having a Great Time

I asked the girl in the right who was her favorite. Her reply "I don't have a favorite, you just can't"

Rather be listening to Jamie Allman on 97.1!


Janna and Braidy

Everyone Does the Macarena!

Dad Has the Moves!

Here They Come

She Wouldn't Stop

I Lost It When Harry Waved at Me


Mom and this guy looked just like me


Ken Thinks He's John Travolta

Good night!

Psyched (or nervous) about the show Ken joins us this morning:

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